Bespoke Features

Barrel Type

This is an extremely high quality bespoke Stainless Steel water feature with integral LED lighting, that is a very decorative piece in its own right. It sits very well in a kitchen, lounge, or reception area and is also well suited to being used on a balcony. The lights have many different colour options and are controlled remotely through a handheld wireless controller. The feature is hand made from the best marine grade 316 stainless steel and will last a lifetime. It is very solid and heavy and weighs around 16 kg when filled with water. The sound of the trickling water running down the column and over the stones is very soothing, combined with the lighting effect too. The circulating pump is built into the barrel so the unit is completely self contained and just requires a 240v supply and comes with a 9 metre power lead and plug for indoor applications. For outside use a sheltered spot should be chosen and the power connection undertaken by a qualified electrician.


The main dimensions are:
60 cms high and 30 cms wide overall with a water barrel height of 20 cms. Approximate weight without water is 12kg. Water capacity is about 4.5 litres.

Flower Type

These Romantic Flowers are made from 316 Stainless steel and are quite unique as well as being robustly built. At present they are a ‘stand alone’ decorative piece. They can be made in different arrangements, with a different number of flowers and in any layout, and with different buds. They could also be configured as a water feature.

Column Type

The photos show a Column type feature that again is mirror polished 316 Stainless, and this particular one has been outside constantly for the last eight years without any maintenance and as you can see the finish is still perfect. It is mounted in a stainless steel tray (covered with slate chips) and the sump is under that. Various heights of tube can be made with different combinations of heights, positions and number of tubes.

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